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A warm welcome

Here at Coldharbour Lane Baptist Church in Hayes, our aim is to be a caring Christian family. We hope all that come to our activities will find a warm and friendly atmosphere in which they feel comfortable and at home.

We also hope that people will discover more of God's love and concern for them in a personal way and the relevance of Christian faith in daily life.

Daily Bible readings:
Bible reading

Bible notes distribution:

Beryl Watts (SU)
Jean Clarke (EDWJ)


Pray for CLBC

AvatarPlease pray continually for our Church during this period we are without a pastor.  Please especially pray for Peter and the Search Team.

Search Team update
The Search Team has selected someone "To Preach with a View".
   Social 26/01/2019 3-7pm TBC.
   Preach 27.01.2019 at 10:30am.

Morning Service 9th December

AvatarWe warmly welcome our guest speakers Suzannie Thomas, who will be speaking and leading worship in the morning service.

“Eagerly Wait for Him”

Scripture Readings:
Revelation 1:4-8 John 1:14
Hebrews 9:24-28 James 5:7-11


Evening Service 9th December

AvatarWe warmly welcome Pat Hale who will lead the evening service.

Services online

Missed the service or simply want to hear it again.  Catch up now.

Choose from the list of available online services to listen to or download via dropbox (no registration required).


If you have any difficulty with payment, please speak to Winnie.
Please see poster on foyer notice board.
All are welcome.

News and Annoucements
Mislaid Cleaning Items
Various cleaning items, some expensive to replace, have not been returned to the Cleaning Cupboard in the kitchen.  These include: large blue bucket, two small beige buckets, micro fibre mop, blue cloths and scissors.  Please return them to the kitchen cupboard if you know where they are as our Cleaning Team need them.
Thank you.
Eulette has kindly given CLBC a tin of biscuits for Christmas.  Thank you very much Eulette.
Christmas Cards and Donations
The red post box should be in the foyer for you to post your one card to the congregation and donation with all the money you have saved on individual cards, for a charity to be announced.  All cards for named individuals must be handed out by you please!
Communion.  Gluten free wafers are available.  We drink alcohol free wine from individual glasses.
Christmas in Hillingdon.
Find out whats happening over the festive period in Hillingon.
Oasis 2.30-3.30pm.
Christmas theme this week with Christmas cake and more led by Pat Hale and Elizabeth Young.
All welcome.
Wintershall Nativity
Come and enjoy the real Christmas story at Wintershall Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th December 2018.
Christmas Meal & Quiz Night from 4pm till 7.30pm.
£5 per adult, £2 per child, £12 per family of four.
If you have any difficulty with payment, please speak to Winnie.
Please see poster on foyer notice board.  All are welcome.

Church Calendar
Church Calendar click to view.

Contributions for the Bulletin.  If you want to include events, news items or prayer request in the weekly bulletin, please let the know by email, by 10am on Wednesday and mark emails 'Bulletin'.



Church building
Visit/write to us at:
136 Coldharbour Lane
Middlesex  UB3 3HG
Contact us by:
  +44(0)20 8756 0651


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