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Flower Team Ministry

Flower Ministry Team
These creative votunteers serve the Lord by making the flower arrangements that grace our church.  Flowers at Church celebrate God’s goodness and gifts to us all; they are a fitting reminder of his glory and grace.






A small team share the task of visually enhancing our worship with arrangements of flowers which are replenished every week.  These attractive floral displays enhance the service and uplift our spirits as people come into the church and during the services.

After the services are over those flowers give further pleasure, because they are given to people in need of special pastoral care.

As a reminder of God’s creative power, flowers are as much a part of the worship experience as hymns and prayers.  They can set a mood or tell a story and they always enhance a place of worship.

floral displayThe Flower Ministry welcomes new members and donors.  No formal training is required; the Flower Ministry provides regular training for new team members.  Please contact the church office about joining the Ministry or for scheduling financial contribution towards the cost of the flowers or if you would like to dedicate the flowers in memory of a loved one.




To praise and thank God for the beauty of Nature and His great love for us.

How can I get involved?
If you are interested in volunteering to help with the Floral Ministry please contact the Church office. Remember only a servant’s heart is required.



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